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We're excited to have you visiting our great auction site dedicated to beads and bead and jewelry products!  Find lampwork beads, glass beads, bead supply, fashion jewelry, jewelry making supplies and more.  A bead auction, a jewelry auction, a great place to meet new friends!  Learn More...

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 Spotlight Auctions

Item Description
   Ladybug Charm Beaded Watch Bracelet
   100 - Black Headpins..2 inch
    Swarovski Heart pendant
   20-Small Gold Pendant Bails--14x6mm
   Oval Lapis & Sterling Earrings
   25 - Cloisonne Designer 10mm Beads- -Emerald
    Swarovski Snowflake pendant
   Crystal Fringe Beaded Bracelet KIT
   Lovely Lapis Flowers,Sea Opal,Bali Sterling, 8 1/2
   25 - Cloisonne Designer 10mm Beads- -Plum
   Bali Beads and More Bracelet
   MOB: Mermaid pendant vessel bead dicro tail
   10-Cinnabar Hand Carved Butterfly Beads-15mm
   18 inch Bali Sterling, Faceted Black Onyx Beauty
   10-Large Silver Pendant Bails--20x9mm
   Children's Pastel Glass Beaded Name Bracelet
   WAB pink swarvoski Crystal Heart necklace
   20-Small Silver Pendant Bails--14x6mm
   Porcelain fish



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