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Important notes for AOL Mail Users

If you are an AOL user and haven't received your password or other email from AuctionBeads.com you may need to change your AOL Mail Controls™ settings so that you can stop junk mail but still receive important email from AuctionBeads.
If you have made any AOL Mail Controls™ settings and are experiencing problems getting your AuctionBeads.com registration password or other mail from AuctionBeads.com, please read the following step-by-step instructions to help you modify your settings to allow the necessary email through.

Note:  Information changes from time to time.  The AOL help area can also assist you with modifying your Mail Controls. 

The following steps must be done from your "master" screen name even if you are modifying your settings for one of your additional screen names.

1.  Go to Keyword Mail Control

2. Click on the "Go to Mail Controls" Button

3. Select the desired screen name and click on the "Edit" Button

4. Do the following:
  • Select the option to "Allow mail from AOL Members and addresses listed"
  • Type auctionbeads.com into the window.
  • Click on the "Add" Button.

5. If the window below pops up, click on the "OK" Button

6. Your window should now look something like that below. If it looks right, click on "OK" Button

7. Click the "OK" Button in the small dialog box below.

8. If you have previously registered and never received your information, you can have your password re-sent by using this link:

Help! I registered, but didn't receive my password

9. As long as AOL's Internet mail gateway is working properly, you should receive a timely reply.  Our system sends confirmation immediately, but it may take a few minutes depending on the mail load on the AOL system.  If you receive the reply, then you were successful and can now get your passwords, etc. If there is a long delay and you are receiving other mail from Internet sources, there may be a problem. You should send an e-mail about your problems to admin@auctionbeads.com.  We would be happy to assist in any way we can.


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