What does the star mean?

The Feedback System at AuctionBeads.com assigns a star symbol  to users based on the number of positive feedbacks they have received.
 Keys to the stars:
= 10 - 50                = 51 - 100                = 101 - 500               = 501 - 1000+
 Remember that feedback is important, so when you finish a transaction with a buyer or seller at AuctionBeads.com please follow up with feedback based on your experience with that buyer or seller.  The feedback system at AuctionBeads.com is easy to use. 

There are 3 ways to leave feedback:

1) The easiest way to leave feedback is to take care of all your outstanding feedback at once.  Just log into the "MyBeads" area then click on the "Feedback" tab.  Our system will display all the outstanding feedback to be left and you can leave feedback for many users at once.

2) Also, when you log into the "MyBeads" area, your closed items (sold or won) will list the buyer or seller along with a link there to leave feedback.

3) Your auction notification email will also contain a link to leave feedback for the other user(s).